Artistic Impression of Parkerville Campus building

Perth Waldorf School has gained official approval from the WA Minister for Education and Training for the new High School Parkerville campus, planned to open February, 2022.

The School received notice of a successful advance determination from the Hon Sue Ellery, which confirms the opening of 27 more places for new secondary students.

The new high school campus will be established on land leased from Silver Tree Steiner School. The lease agreement is for an initial 10 years, with the option to renew for a further two 10 year periods.

For more information about the campus, please visit the High School, Parkerville Campus web page.


High School Journey 2021 Event

We will once again host a High School Journey talk, with presentations from teachers, coordinators and past graduates, with a chance to find out more about the curriculum, child development through the teenage years and pathways beyond graduation.

It will be held on Thursday, 10 June from 6.30pm in Williams Hall at 14 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake.
Details on our Events list


May 17, 2021

Class 7 Preparation has Begun

In preparation for Class 7 in 2022, our pioneering Parkerville High School campus teacher Katie Southall has been meeting with one of our founding teachers Trish Crook to share expertise and wisdom about the journey of Class 7.

In their personal time, Trish and Katie have been dedicated to meeting weekly and helping to best prepare for the students embarking on the next phase in their schooling.

Trish has a wealth of experience and support, having been a founding teacher herself, when the Perth Waldorf School was established more than 30 years ago. During that time, she has also been a teacher in the juvenile prison at Banksia Hill for 14 years, then returned to PWS in 2015 when the high school expanded to the double-stream capacity it is today.

Katie is the current Class 6 teacher at Silver Tree Steiner School and a mum of four – three already attending high school at PWS in Bibra Lake, and one to join her in the first Class 7 at Parkerville next year. She has held this class since they all began together in Class 1 in 2016 – the students entered Primary School and Katie commenced her teaching role at Silver Tree. Once again, they forge new ground together in 2022!

This venture to provide a High School campus located in the Hills is a big undertaking and help from experienced and generous teachers like Trish is invaluable. Thank you to Trish for her support and guidance and to Katie for her dedicated care of our first Class 7 students.

Katie Southall and Trish Crook

3 May 2021

Class 7 Learning History in a Most Creative Way

Learning history through the dramatic medium is very effective.  The children become the characters and ‘live’ the experience.

In class 7, we have begun our annual play.  It is set in the 16th century, known as the Age of Discovery.  As preparation, we start with the accounts of the Crusades and how the eyes of Europeans were opened by what they saw when they walked and rode through the Islamic countries on their way to Jerusalem.  Afterwards, their desire to bring spices back to Europe and other treasured delights, encouraged the sailors to take off into the unknown, sailing South down the coast of Africa, despite fears of falling off the edge of the earth and other terrors.  Reaching India was their goal.

The play this year is ‘Le Voyage des Vingt Lunes’, the Journey of Twenty Moons.  It tells a very controversial tale.  It is a contentious part of French history as it is disputed by certain countries in Europe. It portrays the French ship Espoir reaching Australia almost two hundred years before Captain Cook.  This declares that the French were the first from the Northern Hemisphere to encounter the Great Southland and it has caused many an argument down through the centuries.

The children in Seven have had to learn French songs, phrases and dances as well as some Aboriginal language from the North West of Western Australia, the location the Espoir is believed to have landed by accident.  Blown off course by a powerful storm their lives are saved by an Aboriginal mob whose chief was Arosca.  His son Essomeric, with the permission of his father, accompanies the French crew on their return to the port of Honfleur in the hope he can learn the white man’s ways.

The French captain, de Gonneville promises to return the young man, in twenty moons, to his father.  However, due to a pirate attack, all maps are lost and the Aboriginal boy is forced to make a new life in France.  It is recorded that he married and had children and went on to live a long life.  It was his grandson, Abbe Paulmier, a Canon of the Cathedral in Lisieux, who caused uproar in Europe when he wrote a book speaking of his Aboriginal grandfather and his desire to return to those waters and find the ancestral land.

We are set to perform this play in week 5 of term 2.  All are welcome, (children over 9 years).

Our second Class 7 is also learning in a most creative way, as they delve into Algebra and the theorem of Pythagoras, The Age of Discovery, The Healthy Human and they will also begin to study the intriguing history of the Renaissance.

Alongside this rich curriculum, the children will also get a chance to perform a piece of music at a special event to launch the Perth Waldorf School’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

They have an excursion to the Shipwreck Museum to learn about the long arduous sea voyages in the Age of Discovery main lesson, a visit from Natasha Rigby (Perth Glory) and Angelique Stannett (Fremantle Dockers Football Club) to discuss health and wellbeing as part of The Healthy Human main lesson, clay sculpturing sessions as part of the art curriculum and the Winter Festival, which will allow the Class Seven’s to take on special leadership duties at the event.

Blackboard artwork created by Class 7 students

News Update

15 April 2021

Site Office Transportable

We have now had a site office delivered to the high school area. This is a temporary building that will serve as a central point for managing development and construction, it’s not part of the long-term plans.
For more details, scroll down to see the larger site plan.

Lawn on the Oval

During Terms 2 and 3, we will be growing lawn on the oval at Silver Tree Steiner School, which will eventually be shared by the Primary and High School, with staggered play times.

9 March 2021

First Look at Building Design

We have reached an exciting milestone in the initial stages of the new High School campus development in Parkerville – we have our first look at the building and site design by our Architect, Collaborative Design.

Overall Site Plan - This shows how buildings will be placed upon the land, from a birds-eye-view. Roland road is situated on the right, with Silver Tree Steiner School on the top left.

Larger Site Plan image for further detail

Undercover area with view to classroom - Picture shows the undercover, multipurpose area on the left, with a view of the Class 7 room behind on the right.
Classroom 7/8 - This image shows a view of the first classroom to be built on the right – to cater for Class 7 in 2022
Classroom Interior - Artist impression of the inside of a classroom

January 2021

Bore Water on Site

On December 24, we found bore water!

The contracted driller was pleased to report that they had found bore water, which we intend to use to put turf on the oval and provide non-drinking water for toilets and gardens etc.

We are really pleased to have accessed this resource and hope both the Primary and High School children will enjoy having a green grassed field and thriving native gardens to enjoy.




Timeline of Development

Development PhaseExpected TimeframeStatus
Liaison with WA Steiner Schools' working groupComplete
PWS Council approvalComplete
Lease agreement between PWS and Silver Tree Steiner SchoolComplete
Surveying and planning beginsComplete - ongoing
Class 7 Teacher appointed - Katie SouthallComplete
Advance Determination from Minister for Education and TrainingComplete
Detailed plans approved by PWS School CouncilEarly 2021Plans being drafted
City of Mundaring building applications and approvals
Building commences
Stage 1 (Finished by January 2022, School caters to Class 7) Reception and School Office. Classroom and other facilities will be large enough to meet all the needs of the first pioneering class. Undercover area. Landscaping including school oval with turf and student amenity/sporting areas.January 2022
Class 7 Begin 2022 school year
Stage 2 (finished by January 2023, School caters to class 7 and 8) 2 new classrooms are added, which become the Class 7 and Class 8 main lesson rooms. 2 new specialist teaching areas are added. Landscaping and student amenity areas further developed.January 2023
Stage 3 (finished by January 2024 – School caters to Class 7, 8 and 9) These buildings would also cater for Class 10 in 2025. Addition of 2 new main lesson rooms for the new classes. Addition of 2 new specialist teaching areas, which become the science block. Previous multi-purpose rooms take on more specific purposes such as arts, sculpture and photography as the school grows. Expand staff room and school offices including learning and student support office, Campus Coordinator and Class 12 Projects Coordinator etc.). Landscaping and student amenity areas.January 2024
Stage 4 (2026 – School caters to Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) 2 more main lesson rooms for Class 11 and 12. 2 more classrooms for other specialist lessons. Landscaping and student amenity areas.January 2026
Pioneer Class of 2022 Graduate in Class 12