Our new Adventure Playground was opened last week.

Thank you to Jahne Reese and his army of our graduate students working with him.Thank you for your tireless work and creativity.

The old equipment was removed, tyres dug up and the area levelled and reimagined around what we asked for as a faculty of teachers.

The treasured central tower that has been out of action for a number of years has now been rebuilt and now hosts a cubby and 2 levels accessible by ladder rope bridge and climbing net and there is a fireman’s pole for more a skilful decent.

The hundreds of tyres that were surrounding the play area and 3 to 4 tyres deep have been dug up, collected and covered in concrete and sculpted to form a climbing / scrambling / sliding structure. Thank you.

The swings and flying fox have been renewed and relocated within the space and the whole area cleared and accessible for all middle primary classes.


If you have any memories, pictures and dates of when the original playground was built and how it has been treasured over the years, please share with lpayne@pws.wa.edu.au