At 18 years old, Rudolf Steiner said that a young person is not only ready to be concerned with the questions of the world but also to question who are we as human beings, to be able to ask who am I as a human being and crucially what can I create that uniquely expresses this deeper understanding of myself.

During Week 3 we had the honour of witnessing our Class 12’s present to the community their Class 12 Projects. We were profoundly moved by their 38 unique voices expressing 38 distinct Projects – reflections of 38 students in their own truth as human beings. Our Class 12’s ability and humility to come to deep insights regarding the world and themselves, as well as to be able to stand in strong conviction, is due to an education that over many years has gently immersed and guided them to be able to ask questions – the how of the world, the what, the why and in Class 12 the who?

In their final year of school our students are thus, ready and prepared for the questions that form the bedrock of their independently chosen Project topic. They are able to question, reflect, discover their own ideas and opinions and are able to express this intelligence in both academic and creative avenues so that intelligence is evoked as a living reality. Knowledge is birthed in the Practical component of the Project so that intelligence becomes useful, beautiful, healing or inspiring in the world.

We send our Class 12’s with love and Blessings out into the world. We know that they are ready to REIMAGINE it – indeed they have already begun. They have all they need to recreate a world through the forces of goodness, discernment, and skills that can bring change. This gives us much hope. This has been the task of their education and this is indeed, the biggest task that faces the human being in these times.

Their energy, grace, compassion, and open hearts will be missed.


Class 12 Presentations

Class 12 Presentation Final Blessing:


By John O’Donohue
(Celtic Poet and Philosopher)

May you listen to your longing to be Free
May the frames of your Belonging be generous enough for your dreams
May you awake each day with the gentle voice of blessing whispering in your Heart
And may you always have harmony between your Soul and your life.
May you know the eternal longing that lives at the heart of time
And you never place walls between the Light and your life
May you forever have kindness in your gaze when you look within
And may you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you,
Mind you and embrace you in Belonging.


Many heads, hearts and hands ensure that students are supported throughout the Project year and that the Presentation week is a success:

Thank you to all the Supervisors who have worked alongside students this year! Your support has been invaluable! Thank you to our Essay/Report, Practical, Journal and Presentation Marking Panels – a great deal of effort and work! Thank you also to Mentors in our community who work to advise, encourage and inspire our students.

Thank you to the Guardians of Class 12, Brett Kranz-Little and Jennifer Turpin for their care and love of this incredible class over the past 5 years.

Thank you to Presentation MC’s Kelly Gyer and Sue Wallwork. Your grace and ‘can do’ gesture was deeply appreciated.

A huge thank you to our Speech Supervisor Team – Donna Kerr, Kelly Geyer, Sue Wallwork, Nicola Renton, Sharon Symes, Anna Dymitr-Hawkes and Sarah Boyle. A fabulous team of women who worked tirelessly to get the students prepared to be on stage!

And to Presentation Lighting, Sound and all things Technical/Practical Team –
Sarah Boyle, Anna Dymitr-Hawkes, and Peter Grayling – so grateful for your diligence and skill.

For our lovely refreshments and drinks we thank Megan and staff in the Canteen – a mammoth week for you, and to Class 11 for providing cakes for our evening sessions.

To the Community Support Team an enormous thank you for your support in so many ways – your presence brings calm and grounding. Thank you also to Anita Stuade for the truly beautiful flowers that brought colour and grace to the hall.

To Annabelle Kellenberger an enormous grateful shout out for her hours and hours of sitting on the balcony ensuring that each and every Presentation was live streamed to the world! And for her support of the Projects over the years.

Thank you to Bruce Lee – our School Administrator, who behind the scenes supports the Projects with great enthusiasm and essential, generous practicalities.

And finally to the Project Team Assistants Kelly Gyer and Sharon Symes. Without your day to day support and care for the Class 12’s the year would not be the success it has been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been an honour.

Penny Champ
Class 12 Project Coordinator