They came in cars, not carts, but the members of The Grey Company who arrived at school on Saturday morning looked as if they had been transported from the Middle Ages to our own modern one. They came to teach young serfs, squires, lords, ladies and nuns the forgotten arts of medieval life.

Protective blue markings were painted on, heavy armour donned, axes were hurled at targets, flint used to start a fire and crossbows fired at targets. Then children from both classes entertained the crowd with two rollicking plays from The Canterbury Tales.


The grand finale saw a number of extremely realistic battles enacted. Battle cries and insults were hurled at opponents, the field resounded with the clash of swords and shields, and there were no holds barred in the ensuing melee. Particularly entertaining was the battle of the younger members of The Grey Company. The girls launched into the fray, more than holding their own against their much bigger brothers. One got the sense that some sibling disputes were being settled on the battlefield.

We would all like to extend a huge Thank You to Paul, Cheryl and the dedicated volunteers of The Grey Company. They shared their knowledge with such enthusiasm, generosity and good humour that it made this event truly one to remember.


Kevin Mazzer and Trish Crook – Class 7 Teachers.