Class 5 Blackboard Drawing

How delightful to have a sunny day herald our Friday the 13th Greek Olympic Games, which was an inspiring day of striving for all participants! There were more than 90 students from six Steiner primary schools, who played with zest and enthusiasm through the day: spirits, souls, and bodies gave their very best and there were many proud beaming faces. Our warm appreciation to Silver Tree, West Coast, Helena River, Yallingup, and Golden Hill for congregating together with Perth Waldorf School students for this grand occasion.


Close contests are always exciting and there were many of these, especially in the discus, wrestling, chariots, and the sprints. There was some spectacular javelin hurling, with one sailing through the air to reach even the stone embankment (where sat some thrill-seeking spectators!). Not to mention a few discuses that made it into the bush! The past-Olympians thronged to their sprint, as did the adults! We enjoyed their speed and determination.


A Greek tune lead us to the field for the games after a warm welcome from Zeus himself! A large group circle rounded off our closing ceremony, underscoring the importance of unity and inclusiveness on this sports day.

The day went seamlessly, and this is only possible through the devoted, thorough, attentive planning for months before hand, and minute by minute on the day, of a stalwart committee of Class Five parents, and the backing of all parents on the day. The teachers and students from all six schools are grateful to you for such a successful 2019 Olympics day. Thank you for your flexibility, initiative, and enthusiasm for creating such a heartening experience.

Long Jump