PWS warmly invite you to our


 2017 Class 12 Project Presentations


Monday 23rd October 2017


10.45am                      Welcome and Introduction


10.50– 11.35am          India Easton - What are the social and environmental consequences of hyper-consumerism within the fast fashion industry?


11.40 – 12.25pm         Oisin Edwards-O’Neill -Political Correctness – has it gone too far?


12.30 – 1.15pm           Sarah Olsen - Have we lost the benefits of eating seasonally because of our disconnection with our food sources?


2.00 – 2.45pm             Jaymie Carter - What was Celtic Storytelling originally used for, and is it still relevant in Ireland today?


Monday Evening


5.30pm                        Welcome and Introduction


5.45 – 6.30pm             Lisa Simons -  Loneliness is an epidemic in Western society today: What are the effects on the individual and what can we do about it?


6.40 - 7.25pm              Benjamin Cooke - Community Theatre – A ‘behind the scenes’ perspective


8.00 - 8.45pm              Jena Payne – Our attraction to the convenience of plastic has serious consequences on the marine environment and humans; what are they and what steps need to be taken to reduce them?




Tuesday 24th October 2017




10.45am                      Welcome and Introduction


10.50– 11.35am          Dorian Beer - How are unsustainable living practices contributing to global warming and what are more sustainable options?


11.40 – 12.25pm         Avalon Rolls-Champ - Working creatively with the hands has many benefits.  How does hand craft bring wellbeing?


12.30 – 1.15pm           Violet Lewis - What healing approaches do we need to thrive in our modern society?


2.00 – 2.45pm            Anna Rettay -How is film art?


 Tuesday Evening


6.20pm                        Welcome and Introduction


6.35 - 7.20pm              Oscar  Martin Rees -How automation and robotics will shape our future.


8.00 - 8.45pm              Lily Mischer Gardiner - In what ways is intergenerational trauma and racism impacting on Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander families in Australia today and how is this harming the emotional wellbeing of Indigenous youth?


Thursday 26th October 2017


10.50am                      Welcome and Introduction


10.55 – 11.40am         Sabrina Reale - Composition and originality in modern music.  Can original composition still exist or are we constantly building on what has already been created?


11.45 – 12.30pm         Luke Hewick - What is the environmental impact of building and restoring fibreglass boats?


1.10  – 1.55pm            Claudia Buchardt - The dualistic conceptualisation of gender roles dominates the fashion industry. Is there a future for unisex clothing?


Thursday Evening


5.30pm                        Welcome and Introduction


5.45 – 6.30pm             Ava Lyas - What is the Western perspective of creativity, and does this have a negative effect on creators?


6.35 - 7.20pm              Noah Ruane-Beal – Is the traditional suburban housing model still viable in the 21st century?


8 - 8.45pm                   Anneka De Souza - Is maintaining personal culture and heritage having a positive or negative impact on multicultural Australia?


Friday 27th October 2017


10.50am                      Welcome and Introduction


10.55 – 11.40pm         Gabrielle Bailey - Animation has the most creative potential out of all film mediums.  Is the cartoon industry stifling the artistic possibilities?


11.45 – 12.30pm         Jasmin Sleep - What is the importance of inter-human connection?


1.10 –  1.55pm            Maizy Hall- Bastian – How is domestic violence impacting women in Australia and what changes need to be made in our cultural understanding of masculinity to break this cycle of violence?


Friday Evening


5.30pm                        Welcome and Introduction


5.45 - 6.30pm              Brooke Hill -What is gender diversity and why do we need it?


6.35 – 7.20pm             Enya Wilkinson-McCarry -  How has the representation of the human body in various art forms evolved through the ages?      

8.00 - 8.45pm  Natasha Halbert - How has western society become disconnected from death, what are the effects and how can we address this 


Free Weekly Groups/Classes

Participating in any of these activities goes towards Family Participation Hours.


The read and discuss group will meet on Monday mornings, 8.55am to 10.30am, commencing on Monday 13 February in the Library. We will be beginning the year with Rudolf Steiner's book Theosophy. All welcome. 

For enquiries please contact Anne Williams 0424 771 217.




Rudolf Steiner’s art of movement, EURYTHMY, helps to connect the spirit within each human being to the world at large.  As well as being a much respected performance art, Eurythmy is recognized world-wide for its practical applications in education and therapy.  At PWS Eurythmy is an essential component of the Waldorf Curriculum and is currently being offered from Kindy to Class 6.  Each lesson is created anew to to help the child meet the particular challenges of each stage of child-development.

In these free Eurythmy classes designed for adults, the aim is to share the life-affirming benefits of Eurythmy movements.  After doing Eurythmy many people remark how they feel so much more relaxed, at one with the world, and ready to meet the challenges of life.  Happy parents mean happy children, so do come and try this wonderful elixir!  No experience is necessary, only a wish to enrich your soul in the joyful company of others.


Welcome back to 2017. To start off this term we will be making spring fairies starting Tuesday (7th) morning after drop off, located outside the canteen. All parents are welcome to join, children are also welcome, but please be mindful that they are your responsibility at all times and need to be supervised. This is a completely casual group – no experience is necessary. All proceeds go to P&F, so it is a lovely way to support the school community, whilst learning new skills in a friendly environment.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Adult singing with begin in WEEK 3 of this Term. Each Wednesday at 9:00am, willing and joyful adults come together - no experience necessary - to enjoy the great benefits of choral singing.  Sometimes we pick up instruments, try some movement with song or even try a solo if we’re in the mood! This is a chance also, to learn some of the songs our children are singing for the beautiful festivals during the year as well as old favourites, world music and some great spiritual works.  See you on Wednesday mornings.


Term Dates 2017

Term 1 - Wednesday 1 February to Friday 7 April

Term 2 - Monday 1 May to Friday 30 June

Term 3 - Monday 24 July to Thursday 21 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October to Wednesday 13 December (Half Day)