This year, Class 9 Ecology has been working closely with Matt Noakes from the garden team. Earlier this term, we collected native seeds and tried to break their dormancy by burning them in the fire. Students then planted the seeds in the nursery which, when big enough, will be replanted around the school. In the last few weeks, we have created a compost heap using the “lasagne” method. This composting method is based on permaculture principles and uses waste materials from around the school:

  • sawdust from woodwork
  • food scraps from Kindy and the Canteen
  • weeds from Open Day weeding
  • dry leaves from around the school

The only materials brought in for the compost were straw bales and donated horse manure.

Class 9 wasn’t too impressed by the smell emanating from the food scraps, but everybody pitched in to help, adding each material layer by layer. When the compost is ready, it will be used in the Kindy gardens and raised garden beds. We are very appreciative of Matt’s time and expertise.

Class 9