Health Notice

Dear School Community The Department of Health advises that if an adult or child has been in contact with someone who has contracted the Coronavirus, they should seek medical advice and stay away from school until they are clear of symptoms for 14 days. In addition, late yesterday the Ministers for Education and Health requested that students who have traveled to, or transited through, China or Hong Kong in the past two weeks be asked to stay away from school for a period of 14 days from the date they returned to Australia. This request applies to children in all schools. Should your child not exhibit any symptoms for 14 days after returning to Australia, then we would love for them to return to classes. Please contact the school via if you will be keeping your child at home because of recent travel to or transiting through China or Hong Kong. Should you wish to access more information about the virus, including a parent factsheet, please visit the

Steiner Education
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To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.

—Rudolf Steiner

Early Childhood

Early Chidhood education comprises of Parent and Baby Group, Playgroup and Kindergarten.

Primary School

Following on from Kindergarten, the children embark on a journey with their class teacher who, where possible, accompanies them throughout their Primary years.

High School

In the High School the curriculum is designed to meet the development of the third soul faculty – thinking.

Children climbing in ropes primary school

School Events & Festivals

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School Community Groups

Parents and Friends Study Group

With Anne Williams Mondays, 8:50am-10:15am in the Library.

Craft Group

Come join our lively group of crafters and learn some new skills or polish up some old ones.

Waldorf Wood Workers

Wood work group and social space for fathers.

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Term Dates

  • Term 1 Tuesday 4th Feb - Thursday 9th Apr
  • Term 2 Tuesday 28th Apr - Friday 26th Jun
  • Term 3 Monday 20th Jul - Thursday 24th Sep
  • Term 4 Monday 12th Oct - Wednesday 15th Dec (Half Day)
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